Feb 26, 2015 Current Events

Atrocities by the Zionist Regime

Before we cover the highlights of the recent atrocities by the Zionist entity, it is important to point out how ignorant the mainstream media has been regarding the major events that take place in

Feb 22, 2015 Current Events

Another step towards freedom

Just a few years ago, if news stations reported that European countries would, one by one, start officially recognizing the State of Palestine, no one would have believed it. If a news stations

Feb 06, 2015 Current Events

The demise of the Zionist State

The latest confrontation between Hezbollah and the illegitimate Zionist regime occupying Palestine has opened up a new chapter in the Hezbollah-“Israel” saga and will almost certainly contribute

Feb 06, 2015 Current Events

Yemen: The forgotten front

In the last two weeks, a political crisis in Yemen has grabbed the world’s attention. The opposition in Yemen has given the national government a three-day deadline to solve it. The opposition is