The weak, voiceless, with a head held down…

The weak, voiceless, with a head held down, and passive persona which is depicted regarding Imam Sajjad (A) is completely contrary to reality. The real persona of Imam Sajjad (A) is a persona who was a champion fighter, tireless [in his efforts], and uncompromising [in his mission]; one who with precise planning and complete accuracy knows the path, chooses [correctly], and moves towards the goals of this path. He doesn’t get tired, and [rather] it is he who had exhausted the enemy. And in the end, when the enemy had no other option, they poisoned Imam Sajjad (A) and so after a life full of achievements and full of struggle, this great Imam (A) ascended to the divine realm. This is a summary of Imam Sajjad’s (A) life.

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