Rationality, management based upon Akhlaq…

Rationality, management based upon Akhlaq (ethics) and knowledge creates unity in a country, lest heads be brought upon spears. The Muslim people of Kashmir are a part of the Islamic Ummah and any action which is indefensible and unprincipled against any single individual in the Islamic community, is an attack upon the [whole] Islamic Ummah. Muslims and non-Muslims for hundreds of years have lived in peace in the Indian sub-continent, the rulers must strengthen this type of a [peaceful] life. Our region doesn’t have the ability for [more] stress and disputes. We seek the peace and safety of the Islamic Ummah, reconciliation in the Indian sub-continent, and we are concerned for the society, for our sisters and brothers in the Islamic world. We are hopeful that the government officials of Pakistan and India in the Indian-subcontinent, with rationality and knowledge, pave the way for the protection of Muslim and human rights specifically in Kashmir and we are witness to their friendship and camaraderie.

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