[Lady] Fatima Zahra (A) and [lady] Zaynab Kubra (A)…

[Lady] Fatima Zahra (A) and [lady] Zaynab Kubra (A) are Islam’s role model and practical representation for women. Today, women are looking for a role model. If their role model is [lady] Zaynab (A) and [lady] Fatima Zahra (A), then they need to be like them by having correct understanding [of issues], alertness in comprehending the current conditions, and the selection of the best of actions even if it dictates self-sacrifice and determination in the face of all things in order to accomplish the greatest of responsibilities which Allah has placed upon the shoulders of people. This is what a Muslim woman is if they will take [lady] Fatima Zahra (A) or [lady] Zaynab Kubra (A) as a role model.

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