Islam puts forth [the honorable lady] Fatima (A)…

Islam puts forth [the honorable lady] Fatima (A) – the one who was an exemplary and eminent heavenly principle – as the role model and practical representation of a woman. Her apparent life, her Jihad, her struggle, her knowledge, her eloquence, her self-sacrifice, protecting her husband, being a mother and a spouse, her migration, her presence in all political, military, and revolutionary fields, and her all around illustriousness which has made the greatest of men become humble in her presence, and her spiritual status, her Ruku, her Sujud, her prayer Mehrab, her Dua, her Sahifa, her lamentation to Allah, her heavenly being, her luminous spiritual aspect, and the equivalent, the corresponding, and the equal of Amir al-Mo’mineen [Imam Ali] and the Messenger (S) are all a part of her being; this is what a woman is. She is the role model for the woman which Islam wants to create.

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