In the issue of Ghadir in it of itself…

In the issue of Ghadir in it of itself, other than the aspect that the Shia have accepted it as a part of faith – meaning the appointment of Amir al-Momenin (Imam Ali) (A) on behalf of the Messenger [of Allah] (S), which is clear in the Hadith (tradition) of Ghadir – the principle issue of Wilayat (authority) has also been put forth. This [concept] has no Shia or Sunni. Today, if the Muslims of the world and the people of Islamic nations, speak [and call for] the slogan of Islamic Wilayat (authority), many of the untraveled roads and the difficult knots (problems) of the Islamic Ummah will be resolved. And the problems of Islamic countries will be closer to being fixed.

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