May 22, 2021 Image

How to Confront the Enemy | Infographic

β€œAnd those who strive in Our cause, We will certainly guide them to our paths.” 1. Have a firm ideological foundation in Islam 2. Be active 3. Be fearless and tireless 4. Avoid laziness

May 15, 2021 Image

The violent confrontations taking place…

The violent confrontations taking place in the squares of Al-Aqsa mosque and the rest of the occupied territories in these days, undoubtedly demonstrates the resilience of the Palestinians in the

Dec 30, 2020 Image

Surely, this war which is being fought…

Surely, this war which is being fought by the Axis of Resistance and Wilayah represents the honor, respect, and dignity of all the Resistance, the Mujahideen, and of free men. And in the war of