Jun 20, 2021 Image

We humbly offer our condolences…

We humbly offer our condolences and our congratulations to the Wali al-Asr (Imam al-Mahdi) – may our souls be sacrificed for him – on the Shahadat that develops humanity and the joining to the

Jan 18, 2021 Image

O’ our Leader and O’ our Master…

O’ our Leader and O’ our Master (Imam al-Mahdi), testify for us before Allah that we are traversing the path of Allah until our last breath and our greatest wish on this road full of sacrifice,

Dec 13, 2020 Image

We offer the Wali Amr of the Muslims…

We offer the Wali Amr of the Muslims Imam Khamenei – may his divine shadow always remain – the greatest congratulations and the deepest condolences on the Shahadat (martyrdom) of the exemplary