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Qur’anic guidance isn’t limited to…

Qur’anic guidance isn’t limited to a specific group. The addressee of the Qur’an is all of humanity. “This is but a message to the worlds” . And the Qur’an announces that it wants to

Dec 15, 2020 Image

The enemy implemented plans…

The enemy implemented plans of action to confront our great Imam Khomeini’s message of unity. Case in point, the enemy established centers to produce anti-unity thoughts . we speak of bringing

Dec 15, 2020 Image

Unfortunately, many Muslim governments…

Unfortunately, many Muslim governments and many of the true addressees of the message of Muslim unity didn’t comprehend the importance of Imam Khomeini’s initiative, but the enemy understood its

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The decisive punishment of the crime’s…

The decisive punishment of the crime's perpetrators and those who ordered it, and the continuation of the scientific and technological efforts made by Shaheed . 'There are two important matter that

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What does propagation [tableegh] mean?

What does propagation mean? It means conveying. Conveying what? Conveying a message and a correct idea. This is the meaning of Islamic propagation. However, the main condition is that it should be