Jan 17, 2021 Image

The persona of [lady Fatima] Zahra…

The persona of Zahra the Pure in the political, social, and Jihadi aspects is an exemplary and eminent persona; in a manner where every woman who is a fighter, is a revolutionary, is outstanding,

Dec 09, 2020 Image

Ayatollah Hajj [Sayyid] Abd al-Husayn…

Ayatollah Hajj Abd al-Husayn Dastaghaib – who was a scholar that was a fighter and was pious – attained martyrdom at the hands of criminals and the sworn enemies of Islam and the

Sep 15, 2020 Image

The weak, voiceless, with a head held down…

The weak, voiceless, with a head held down, and passive persona which is depicted regarding Imam Sajjad (A) is completely contrary to reality. The real persona of Imam Sajjad (A) is a persona who was