Mar 30, 2021 Image

Allah says in the holy Qur’an…

Allah says in the holy Qur’an, “and Allah came to them from where they did not expect” . The enemies received a blow and slap from a place that they never imagined they

Feb 16, 2021 Image

You need to know that the enemies…

You need to know that the enemies confronting the Islamic Republic can’t do a single thing. Day by day – with praises to Allah – Islam and the Islamic Republic is moving towards greater

Jan 31, 2021 Image

On the occasion marking the commemoration…

On the occasion marking the commemoration of Dahe Fajr: Welcome to the country, which had been ruined under the weight of the oppression of oppressive kings throughout history and further ruined in

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The Western front and our enemies…

The Western front and our enemies are obliged to stop this evil move – meaning the sanctions against the Iranian people – they must end the sanctions and end them immediately. It is their

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This lethal group [by the name of] Daesh…

This lethal group Daesh was created by the enemies of Islam themselves. The Americans have admitted to this. Of course, we had reliable information, but if we had spoken about it, it might have been

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Ayatollah Hajj [Sayyid] Abd al-Husayn…

Ayatollah Hajj Abd al-Husayn Dastaghaib – who was a scholar that was a fighter and was pious – attained martyrdom at the hands of criminals and the sworn enemies of Islam and the

Nov 07, 2020 Image

Unity: The Life Artery of Islam

All of the Muslims – under the blessed shade of the honorable Messenger (S) – can establish a global unity by focusing on the similarities they have with one another, holding on to the rope of