Feb 16, 2021 Image

You need to know that the enemies…

You need to know that the enemies confronting the Islamic Republic can’t do a single thing. Day by day – with praises to Allah – Islam and the Islamic Republic is moving towards greater

Jan 05, 2021 Image

These righteous martyrs…

These righteous martyrs of the two dear Muslim people of Iran and Iraq are the martyrs of the entire Islamic Ummah in its battle for independence, in confronting arrogance and in confronting the

Dec 28, 2020 Image

The [days of] Ayyam Fatimiyyah…

The Ayyam Fatimiyyah and the remembrance of the incredibly precious lady of both worlds, hazrat Fatima Zahra (A) – the Sayyida (female leader) of women, both of the first and of the last – is an